Unreal City – Frammenti Notturni

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The third album from this incredible young band from Italy.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. La Grande Festa In Maschera (13:15):
- a) Désir
- b) Exitacion
- c) Plateau
- d) Orgasme
- e) .Résolution
2. Le Luci Delle Case (Spente) (11:00)
3. Barricate (5:47)
4. Il Nido Delle Succubi (9:48)
5. Arrivi All'Aurora (7:53)

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1 review for Unreal City – Frammenti Notturni

  1. Mark Monforti

    I liked this album and the band so much that I flew to see them in Quebec and then again I flew them in to Chicago for a private show.

    After playing La Grande Festa In Maschera the crowd erupted like I have never heard before.

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